Topcoating the roof

Topcoating the roof
Preparation for Topcoating the roof

top coating fibreglass roof

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland Take particular care and attention at this stage will produce a roof of superb appearance. Using a sanding pad with a 40 grit sand paper, lightly sand the corners and trim bandages. Sand off any unsightly fibres, taking care not to sand too heavily on the corner . Cut any excess cured mat protruding beyond the trim with a sharp Stanley knife.

Fibreglass Roofing ScotlandSeal any edges with abutting walls using a clear silicone sealant. Fit any C100 simulated lead flashing before top coating and seal off with a clear silicone sealant.

Topcoating the roof

The Topcoat is a resin and should be treated in the same way as the base resin. It requires the addition of catalyst for it to cure.

Fibreglass Roofing ScotlandAlways try to apply the topcoat immediately after the laminate is semi-cured If this is not possible then ensure topcoating is carried out within 24 hours to gain a good bond with the laminate. If the topcoating is left longer than 24 hours then wash down the laminate with acetone to gain a good cross-polymerisation of the topcoat to the laminate.
Mixing the topcoat

Cured topcoat is needed rather than the standard pre-pigmented grey, a colour pigment will need to be added to a clear topcoat. A 20 kg tin of topcoat requires 2kg of colour pigment. there are a variety of different colours available

Applying the topcoat

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland Use a 7” polyester roller, cover the remaining laminate with just enough topcoat for the fibre pattern to be visible.

We use a 2½” Polyester roller to coat the trims. A roller will get a better and more even finish than a paintbrush. Roll the topcoat along the face of the trim. Fibreglass Roofing Scotland protect the fascia from topcoat, hold a piece of flashing trim against it as you topcoat the radius on the underside of the trim.

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