Replacing the Flat Roof Deck

Preparation of the Deck
Preparation of the Deck is an integral part of the process

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland will survey the roof deck to assess whether or not the roof is suitable for an overlay system or a complete strip

If the substrate is unfit for laying boards onto directly, the surface will need to be removed. Fibreglass Roofing Scotland will only install decking board in dry weather conditions as if wet the boards will absorb moisture if in contact with water. Any moisture trapped within the roof will cause board movement and possibly joint failure. Fibreglass Roofing Scotland ensure that conditions are dry before decking the roof.

New plywood roof deck

After removing the old decking, Fibreglass Roofing Scotland check that all roofing joists are sound and free from rot. Replace these as required. If possible, build a fall into the substrate so that the roof can drain completely and remain free from standing water.

We will survey the insulation condition and advise the client whether an upgrade is recommended for energy efficiency

Full strip of timber deck

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