Laminating Fibreglass Roof

Preparing for laminating

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland apply a 400 gram fibreglass mat this is a good quality fibreglass mat that has proven to be strong and durable we shall avoid spillages by masking off the roof properly,

Mixing the resin

laminating a flat roof

GRP roofing resin is supplied in tins of 20kg (approximately 18.5 litres.) The mixing buckets are graduated in litres which will allow easy calculation of the amount of catalyst (the hardner which resin requires for it to cure) needed depending on the ambient temperature. To remove the lid from the tin, a 4-6 inch nail is required to bend back the lugs. It is very important to stir the resin before use, ensuring that the styrene & wax that has settled at the bottom of the tin gets thoroughly mixed in.

Prepare enough tins of resin to complete the day’s laminating at this stage as mistakes such as using unmixed resin are difficult to rectify later. The resin to CSM ratio is 1.35kg of resin for every m2 of glass (though you should allow for 1.5kg for every 1m2 allowing for wasteage and difficult details.)

laminating a flat roof

It is good practice and fibreglass roofing scotland shall mix a small quantity resin (1 or 2 litres) to start with to laminate the corners and bandage the trims. This will give the best indication of the curing time of the remaining resin and confirm if the correct amount of catalyst has been added to the mix. Ideally, it is best to aim for a curing time of between 20 to 30 minutes.

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