Green Roof construction

Topseal Green Top

Topseal green top is a complete green roofing system with an option to use either wild flowers or sedum.

Commonly found in Europe, green roofs have started attracting homeowners and businesses to promote environmentalism while getting their roofs a much needed makeover. Green roofs mimic traditional vegetation without disrupting or affecting the natural urban infrastructure. It makes use of neglected and unused space and transforms it into functional roofs.

Green roofs usually reduce energy cost with its natural insulation. It also creates a sanctuary for people and animals. It also absorbs rainwater, cutting the need for expensive and complex drainage systems. Moreover, this type of roofing improve air quality and help reduce urban heat island effect—a condition where a city absorbs and traps heat. Anybody who has walked across a stifling parking lot one hot, summer day has probably felt the effect of being inside an urban heat island.

A green roof’s layer, like any other roof, must accommodate drainage and protect a structure from the sun’s heat and rain through a waterproof membrane. However, the layers of a green roof must constantly provide space for the plants to grow. A green roof should be able to support the plants without compromising the structural integrity of the entire structure.

Truly, green roofs are starting to become a hit as an environmentally-friendly roofing alternative. So what are the steps required to produce a topseal green top roof ?

From the top you would have your sedum layer, ontop of green top substrate ,ontop of a drainage/water retension layer, this is layed ontop of  one layer of topseal top coat, laid ontop of 2 x 450 g/m2 reinforcement mat, laid ontop of 18mm OSB

Fibreglass roofing scotland is a registed installer of the topseal range  of roofs whether it be a warm roof, topseal heavy duty used where heavy foot traffic is anticipated ie balconies,topseal double top which is used for ponds,pools and architectural features and finally topseal green top used to house sedum and wild flowers

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