Flat Roof Surveys

Roof Surveys
Fibreglass Roofing Scotland undertake genernal roof repairs and offer free Digital Roof Surveys to domestic properties, in the Glasgow,Paisley and Renfrewshire area Scotland which gives the customer a Birds Eye View of the condition of the existing roof this enables us to provide client with a detailed specification to either ,repair the roof,complete restoration ,or renew the roof this gives the customer with a cost efficient solutions for dealing with your leaking roof to your budget.

We offer advice and solutions to your roofing needs based on the existing condition.

We have spent many years working on all types of roofs,and can give an independant report to our clients. We set up roof ladders saddle ladders and safety equipmwent and carry out a detailed inspection the roof/chimney/ridges/hips/valleys/flat roofs/gutterings,etc, and give a written report on any problems found. These will be backed up by digital photos which will be found our customer web page. This will, of course, guarantee that the problems are there, allowing you the ability to examine the photos in the comfort of your own home.

Blistered and Cracked felt Roof

The most important aspect for any roof survey is safe access for close up inspection. Properly supported and restrained ladders are normally used for our free survey however if a tower scaffold or mobile aerial platform is required this is a chargeable fee that is unavoidable.

Once access is safely organised up to the eaves of the roof, access over the roof slopes can normally be organised by roof ladders to facilitate access onto the roof slopes to minimise any chance of damage to tiles or slates.

Most clients would be not be prepared to pay for the cost of safety scaffolding that could be in excess of £1250 just for an inspection. However, Health and safety legislation is becoming more strict as the years go on and it may not be too long before the client will have to pay for these types of safety measures.

The roof survey covers all the areas of the roof including;

Main roof covering , chimneys, verges, hips, valleys, gutters, gullys, flashings, under felts, abutments, eaves, ridges, rain water goods, roof moss, and the attic spaces.

The roof survey will normally not comment on the structural integrity as this is the area of a Structural Engineer. However, should a roof surveyor spot an obvious structural defect such as lack of bracing or an obvious roof sag, it will be brought to the customers attention for further assessment by others.

If your roof has a structrual defect you may need a Structural Enginner to carry out Specific Structural Inspection. We can advise you as to the course of action and refer you to a qualified structural engineer if required.
If your roof contains Asbestos you may need an Asbestos report . Again, we can point you in the right direction.
We offer an annual gutter clearance and roof maintenance service to all types of properties.

Due to an increased demand particularly from domestic customers, we have decided to offer the same service to residential customers with a monthly payment scheme. At the moment this service is only applicable to properties in and around Glasgow and Renfrewshire area

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland will professionally survey your roof with digital photography and a Roofing Survey Proformae that looks at the condition of Ridge,Hips,Eaves,Roof Coverings,Flashings,Gutters,Downpipes,Chimneys,Paraphet Wall Detail,Fascia,Bargeboard and Soffits.

We will provide a comprehensive report and provide the client with a free quotation to rectify all defects and prioritize which defect to undertake first.We can take core samples of the roof to inspect the integrity of the insulation and roof deck and make appriopriate recomendations to suit your budget.

We recommend a Planned Maintenance Strategy and a Bi annual check can gve the customer peace of mind.

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