Emergency Flat Roof Guide

Emergency Flat Roof Guide
Does your flat roof leak and or in need of immediate repair? If so, this is a flat roof repair guide will help you understand your options, and as well as explain how to do and emergency roof repair yourself.

What you should do when your flat roof leaks:

First of all put up buckets to collect water, so the leak does not cause more damages move furniture and electrical appliances away from the source of water ingress.

It is a good idea to put up a tarpaulin on your roof to stem the water ingress if weather conditions are safe and you are competent at working at heights

If the water ingress is affecting the electrics of the property isolate the circuit and make safe

If the ceiling is bulging and is suspected of collapse puncture the ceiling to relieve the water pressure

If your roof is fairly new, and still under warranty call the roofing company that installed it and have them fix it.

If it is an older roof, or the original installer will not fix it for some reason, you will have three options

Request an estimate from fibreglass roofing Scotland to repair the flat roof

Request an estimate from fibreglass roofing Scotland to renew the flat roof

Undertake a DIY repair if you are competent at working at heights

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland will survey your roof if and report back on the flat roofs present condition advising if your flat roofing is near the end of its life, Sometimes it is not economical to repair the flat roof and is best to replace it, and not through any more money away, repairing it.

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland will estimate to repair or renew your flat roof . This comparison will help you decide if it is time to finally replace your flat roof, or if repair is a feasible option.

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