Fibreglass Roofing Scotland

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland is  Fibreglass roofing contractor, based in Paisley, near Glasgow, Scotland. Flat Roof repair company specilising in fibreglass flat roofing ,flat roof repairs your old leaky flat roof

Flat Roofing Problem ?  Call us online now  No leaks,No Seams,Strong durable roof replacement

Approved Topseal Fibreglass Roofing Contractor

We are an approved Topseal Approved Fibreglass Roofing Contractor


Cure your Flat Roofing Problems Once and For All ! Scotlands No 1 Watertight Solution for all types of Flat Roofing repairs guaranteed to last we provide 25 Year Guarantee from a Quality Roofing Contractor with over 30 years trade experience.

In Scotland traditional flat roof are considered bad news due to the adverse weather conditions and the products life expectancy of the traditional built up felt roofing has seen a sharp decline in new flat roof design,however which the developments of the glass fibre roofing product GRP this can offer a realistic alternative to the old traditional flat roofing material and is now considered within the industry as the No 1 watertight solution to flat roofing problems.


Fibreglass Roofing Scotland promise to ensure your flat roof is perfectly watertight, attractive and with a 25 guarantee, Fibreglass Roofing Scotland flat roofs will keep your property safe and dry and give you peace of mind.

With most flat roofs, repairing old ripped felt and dealing with leaks is inevitable. Traditional flat roofs just aren’t designed to last, but GRP flat roofs are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We know many of these flat roofs are nearing the end of the product life expectancy and are propblem watiting to happen which can cause a lot of damage and distress to your family

Fibreglass Roofing Scotland we use Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) as flat roofing material to create a surface that won’t tear or leak. GRP is laid as a continuous sheet in our flat roof construction, there are no seams or welds in our flat roofs for water to penetrate. GRP flat roofs are virtually maintenance free, so you won’t need to spend time or money on repairs or upkeep.

GRP is a state-of-the-art material that looks great and lasts. We fully guarantee our flat roofs for a 25 years

Flat roof Watertight solutions at an affordable cost

We offer the customer the choice of full specification or an overlay system

Full Specification involves

Protect the work area

Strip off the existing bituminous roof covering

Shed slates or tiles and set aside for reuse

Uplift the Roof Deck and inspect Roof joist for Rot and carry out a comprehensive Rot Inspectionand report the condition with report and a digital survey

Option to upgrade the insulation to the current U Value by installing additional insulation in flat roofs can prevent heat loss, giving you lower fuel bills and improved energy efficiency.

Renew the flat roof roof deck with new 18mm treated exterior grade plywood screw fixed to minimise impact to existing ceilings

Renew fascia barge boards and soffits with PVC Roof line products

Fix all trim and flashing details

Laminate in fibreglass fibreglass mat with resin

Topcoating the roof

Taking care and paying attention at this stage will produce a roof of superb appearance.

Seal any edges with abutting walls using a clear silicone sealant.

Leave the site clean and tidy

Issue the customer with a 25 year guarantee and peace of mind

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